Tru Did, if they don’t believe me now i promise they Foolish
This ain’t another IG verse just for some clout,
Waiting round for some views in hopes that they see me now

How many times man have fail me I swear that I lost count,
Depending on myself with some prayer was my only route
They judge you while they lacking the facts to call you out
Falsely prosecuted I always Leave em reasonable doubt
Many picking sides only a few that’s down to ride,
Maya Angelou was right when she told you that Still I rise..
Despite when they would leave me for nothing hoping I die
All this love that I den showed I gota stop sympathizing
That’s a lesson learned, crossed those bridges so they can burn
Nothing personal I’m use to them making 180 turns
If that’s you and you feeling a way let me explain
I don’t give a F.U.C.K like Van Helen
Now they losing balance tryna compete, how could they ever
Motor skills not intact I damaged their cerebellum
I ain’t god never that, this pen just in god level
This how Satan felt while over the music choir in heaven
Getting close to me and I accept ya-buddy That’s a privilege
Been solid since a younging back in parkway village
I overstate the obvious cuz obviously they don’t get it,
My faith was of a mustard seed I had to go and get it
Back against the wall wit no favors-God did it,
You gota move around like Ryan Clark wit The Pivot
I took so many L’s i couldn’t square up my vision
And now they wanna love me since I’m looking like rich
I’m far from nothing still you gota pardon my image
Hard to get respect now if you don’t gota gimmick
TikTok’n gota watch my clock to get my point across
If ion do it all within a min then the point is lost,
I stayed within my limits now I’m reaching out,
The flow elevated they consider me a risk now
Developed over time I was shy and hesitant
Like an adolescent boy with some pimples I’m breaking out..
Don’t call me Michelin man but boy I been around
Fast forward I’m the one that give life to a song now..
Feature prices rising like Christ on the 3rd day
Look at their faces as I walk out the booth like it’s the grave
I know they see me , been putting up stats I feel like Klay
Leave me off the list of greats cuz they scared to say my name,
That’s ashame, if I passed away they wouldn’t come visit
Fake friends who just passing the time hoping I make it,
I lost a lot of money off my semi I’ll admit it,
Financially secured was disappearing every min
5 thousand every week just ain’t enough to cover business
Put my trust into some ppl only used me for their leverage…
Now I’m sipping the fruit of labor no beverage
While they overlook me make the mistake of thinking I’m average
God Did it when I didn’t have a clue guided my steps
Pride would set me back cuz I was afraid of asking for help
They forget you after all that you’ve done this the reminder
I don’t need your acceptance to validate my
This a gift from God this ain’t a mirage I’m really him
Exceeding all the expectations they put on him
That go for ppl playing friendly but really enemies up close,
Too many times I stretched my hands and they would end up going ghost God didn’t
That’s why I’m riding round in foreigns tinted,
Ain’t about the luxuries I’m living in but the premise God did it
So how they mad at me for decisions try to put em up on game but ain’t too many wanna listen
This that moment of my clarity I always had predicted
Always different never fitting in was wrote on my certificate
Birth inside a city where it’s gangstas and it’s hypocrites
Ppl that are loyal and some ppl that just mimic it
I stay up out the way I’m never caught around chilling
Less it’s ice up on my neck now that’s an icy hot feeling,
Been a decade worth of spitting like tobacco dip addiction
And Im just getting better like I meet at interventions
My homie used to tell me I could really make a difference
Tryna cut through raps walls like doctors do wit incisions..
This like the genesis I took em back to the beginning
When my raps were more than syllables but all about the feeling
They act like I’m invisible until they see me winning Then I’m they dawg and I’m they patna but they ain’t never believe my vision
Underestimated counted out is just an understatement
Cage me in like ima dog but ima lion out the gate
This ain’t a Tyler Perry flick and I ain’t come out here to play
Had to forgive em for their sins for they know not who they hate