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My Story

In this digital, social media frenzy generation, hip hop artists may use all outlets to reach potential new fans, but forget the importance of creating quality music. Tru Esco formerly Tru Q, hip hop artist/songwriter from Memphis, Tn now residing in Murfreesboro, Tn prides himself on giving his listeners substance and meaningful music they can relate to. With limited funds and ways to get to a professional studio, Tru took it upon himself to save up and buy the necessary equipment to record himself just to get his thoughts out. While teaching himself how to record and tweak vocals, he gained a better understanding of what it takes to create a quality sound. And with that sound, Tru has performed at various events and parties to get his face in front of audiences. 

After learning how to record for himself, Tru, hooked up with a friend by the name of De'Jon and they formed the group known as SouthBlock. The group had some success over short time period, from creating a popular shuffle line dance, to opening up for the likes of Memphis' own, Yo Gotti, they were on the road to stardom, but eventually it didn't work out. Looking for a fresh start, Tru picked up the slack for himself as a solo artist and began recording mixtapes to build his social media buzz. Tru went on to build a loyal fan base of supporters that have helped him see his "tru" potential as a hip hop artist. 

Released in 2018, Tru's EP “Sincerely Tru” was a follow up to his 2013 album called “Forever Tru”. This new body of showed Tru’s growth over the years with his style and sound in which he carefully narrates his life on songs like ‘Vibe Wit Me’, ‘Go Get It’ and ‘Let It Go’ to name a few, while remaining authentic in his approach. It has gained recognition locally and has resonated with people that have been following Tru’s journey and potentially new supporters that can relate to the music.

In 2020, Tru released a single entitled "Freedom Of Speech" speaking on the events that took place in front of our eyes in America. Police brutality, social injustice and politics were just a few of the topics touched on in the song. 


In March of 2021, Tru released his latest project, "Far From Nothing" which has received raving reviews from his day one supporters to new fans, journalists and blogs who have came along the way. Far From Nothing is a 9 track EP that Tru uses to convey his most personable songs to date.  Songs like the title intro track "Far From Nothing", "Feel It In My Soul" and "Highs & Lows" set the tempo of the project to inspire his listeners throughout the duration of the EP. As Tru continues to build a buzz and online presence, he hopes to continue touching people through his music for the foreseeable future.