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Album Complete 

What's good everyone, just wanted to first start by saying thank you for any kind of support that you may show me. It means a lot. As an independent artist, it can get lonely, tough and uninspiring at times and any kind of support from people is a morale boost of sorts for us. I wanted to personally write a blog, a letter, a confirmation that I am finally done with the album, EP, project or whatever you may call it. It has been a long process, a lot of soul searching to dig deep lyrically and speak on things that I thought I never would. And even still, I couldn't give it {all} away on this body of work, but for the first time ever, I feel like I've gotten as personal as personal gets. This time around, it is all of me. I wanted to share my experiences and more from my perspective. I opened up quite a bit to say the least. When I moved from Memphis, It took some time to find a studio home that would help me create that next sound that I was in search for. I was dedicated to showing my progression. 


For Sincerely Tru, I feel like each song marks a point in my life in a way that people could either relate to or feel in a way where they will truly appreciate the music. It's biased to say, but this is my best material to date. I've came a long way in a long amount of time. And I appreciate every bit of the process I've had to endure and the knowledge I had to gain in order to be better. I believe those of you reading this, will enjoy this brand new material I'm releasing and will get to know me better as a person and artist. Release date coming soon!