1. Impressed

Produced by Jrumz
Mixed by Quin


Seen shawty from across the way I was impressed, she the type to light up a room wit her finesse, Bad and Bougie maybe but she worth every risk, every fella tryna get a piece of that kitty kat Oooooo, yea I like dat der, shawty gota vibe make ya wife dat der, you could be the flyest or the baller of the year-she can hold her own she don’t need nun else,
Graduate wit honors, ain’t wit no drama, all about her bags Chanel Louis Vuitton, gota thank her momma for blessing the world wit her, an angel in disguise-sent from heaven above, i swear... she can blow ya brains if you let her, wear that crown right so you know she keep her head up, curves looking right she don’t need much effort, I like the way she move she a bad mamacita i swear

She got a- mean demeanor, you lucky to meet her, hair blowing in the wind in her new 2 seater, getting everything her way so you know she a diva, all the fellas taking shots but she block they efforts, independent on her own wit her own success, only way to hit her up is through a email message, moved from- Memphis tn down to Houston tx, just to take things slow while she cashing checks She got her- own crib and a maid wit that...can still cook a meal if you needing that, got a crazy ass ex gota constantly reject, told that nigga how he lost out and had his chances damn... she don’t believe in zodiacs... but want a nigga who be wild in bed, she a freak in the sheets wit her corporate ass, she got em all going crazy and they liking that..